Fullbore’s goal is to simplify the drilling and blasting process with innovative equipment and technologically advanced techniques, such as digitised GPS drilling. We’re looking for people passionate about solving customer drilling and blasting pain points by delivering high-quality, efficient, personalised services throughout Australia.

For drilling, we:

  • Focus entirely on drilling operation efficiency to offer the highest industry expertise in drilling operations
  • Work professionally, reliably, and consistently uphold the highest safety drilling standards to guarantee superior drilling outcomes

For blasting, we:

  • Design blasting processes to optimise blast fragmentation and diggability, control noise, vibrations, and dust, to provide safe and efficient blasting results
  • Implement accurate blast management plans and use procedures that comply with strict blasting environmental requirements

For Integrated Rock On Ground, we:

  • Combine a consultative approach with over 40 years of drilling and blasting experience to offer a managed end-to-end service
  • Leverage global best practises and leading technology to deliver accurate, comprehensive, nationwide drilling and blasting expertise and technical support

For Heavy Equipment Transport, we:

  • Provide exceptional, personalised heavy equipment haulage solutions throughout Australia and continually find innovative ways to improve the trucking process
  • Use our state-of-the-art heavy haulage fleet aligned with transportation and safety regulations to deliver loads of up to 34 tonnes, efficiently, safely, and on time

For Explosive Transport and Storage, we:

  • Keep explosives magazines locked away in safe, specialised, government-approved facilities, maintain accurate inventories, and inspect magazines frequently
  • Implement the highest safety processes to transport explosives and deliver them safely and on time

For Explosive Supply, we:

  •  Leverage global safety best practises, leading technology, and over 10 years experience to supply advanced commercial explosives and solutions in excellent condition
  • Provide technical assistance, perform regular inspections and monitor explosives in transit to avoid any incidences or accidents

If you think you’re a great candidate to help us deliver these services we would love to hear from you! Drop us an email and we will be sure to get in contact with you ASAP.

Fullbore's Team Leaders



      Luke has worked in the quarry and mining industry for the past 15 years. Luke’s expertise covers both quarrying and surface and underground hard rock mining. Luke’s responsibilities are broad and include a focus on delivery of service quality and value to customers, operations management, identifying and development of future growth and opportunities.



      Reza is an internationally experienced mining engineer, shotfirer and certified project manager with a proven track record of over 20 years experience working as a professional in natural resources in various technical and commercial roles. He strongly believes in promoting effective communication amongst the company’s different business segments. This always leads to improved communication quality with the customers which is the key for consistent business growth.



      Ernest has 11 years experience in drill and blast operations including surface and underground. Ernest expertise covers drill and blast survey and the integration of GPS systems, drill rig operations and drill rig maintenance. Ernest is responsible for Fullbore’s Technical Services teams operations which deliver survey, bore tracking and shot firing services to our customers. Ernest is also responsible for training and development of our people.



      Russell has over 17 years experience in quarries. He has worked specifically in drill and blast over this time where he has been in operations and supervisory roles helping teams stay focussed and ensuring they deliver. Russell’s responsibilities with Fullbore include operations supervision, scheduling of survey, drilling and blasting activities.



      Trevor has nearly 20 years of experience in the mining industry in both surface and underground operations. He began his career working on underground equipment and later moved across to surface drills. During his time he has had many roles including field service technician and surface drills technical product support representative for Australia. Trevor’s responsibilities include scheduling of maintenance as well as lead of our maintenance special projects team.

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