Heavy equipment is bulky and difficult to move. Transporting such machinery or equipment requires a high level of precision, a wide range of skills, experience, and no room for error.

This is something every Fullbore prime mover operator understands well. We are dedicated to providing exceptional heavy equipment transport solutions throughout Australia.

Our aim is to provide a smoother, more accountable transportation experience for every customer. We offer expert advice and are available to answer any questions or concerns you may have from dispatch to delivery.

Fullbore takes responsibility for any transport-related problems and does its best to handle them transparently and expeditiously. We have the hauling capacity to transport any kind of heavy equipment, including:

  • Construction equipment
  • Agriculture & farm transport equipment
  • Mining and quarry industry equipment
  • Commercial retail equipment
  • Any other heavy equipment


It’s not easy to find a heavy machinery transport provider who can handle your load with the utmost care, safety, and accuracy it deserves. Fortunately, Fullbore understands this, that’s why we’re here to help.

Our extensive experience in transporting heavy equipment makes us qualified to handle all kinds of machinery and oversize loads. Fullbore is licenced and insured to provide customers with quality heavy machinery transport services they can be confident in.

Our team is trained to provide a personalized trucking experience for your exact needs. We follow transport and safety regulations to ensure your heavy equipment is transported efficiently.

No matter when or where you need your heavy equipment or machinery transported, we provide the best route at competitive prices. Fullbore has a heavy haulage fleet consisting of Volvo FH prime movers and Drake 4×4 FULL Winder LD trailers which can handle loads of up to 34 tonnes.

We transport any heavy equipment that can fit on our trailers and find innovative ways to continually improve the hauling process. We focus on trucking efficiently, safely, and delivering your load on time.

Fullbore handles all loading, dispatch, hauling, and delivery of oversized loads in every Australian state. We believe equipment reliability is key to transport efficiency, so our fleet is maintained to exceptionally high standards.

Choose Fullbore Quarry Services if you value:

  • Safety: We don’t compromise on safety and follow best practice safety workplace habits on every job.
  • Efficiency: We care about being the most efficient at what we do, and regularly invest in technology and training to ensure we offer efficient, best-in-class results every time.
  • Flexibility: We are big enough to perform yet small enough to care, and can pivot quickly when you need us to.
  • Protection: We have full insurance coverage and only offer qualified and experienced personnel for every project.


  • Q. Does Fullbore transport its own equipment?

    A. Yes, Fullbore has a heavy haulage fleet to efficiently transport and deliver drill rigs, excavators, Moxy trucks and similar equipment. We do this safely and reliably, whenever and wherever you need the equipment.

  • Q. What type of heavy equipment does Fullbore use for transport and what is the maximum capacity?

    A. The Fullbore Heavy Haulage fleet primarily consists of Volvo FH prime movers and Drake 4×4 FULL Winder LD trailers. Since equipment reliability is key to our transport efficiency, our fleet is regularly maintained to exceptionally high standards. The Fullbore team handles under and over dimensional loads up to a capacity of 34 tonnes.

  • Q. Is my load insured during transport?

    A. Fullbore has transport and heavy vehicle insurance that covers your load in the event of damage. However, we still recommend contacting your insurance company to ensure you have the appropriate coverage.

  • Q. Can Fullbore transport oversized or over-dimensional machinery?

    A. Yes. Fullbore can handle any load that exceeds the standard or ordinary legal size or weight limit for specific roads. We use heavy hauler trucks and trailers to create specialised routes and ensure your load gets to you safely. Depending on the shipment, we may travel overnight to avoid potential obstacles.

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