We deliver high-quality drilling services with a 96% drilling accuracy track record. Our 84% drill availability means you can trust us to be there on time and deliver exceptional outcomes. We hire top-class drill rig operators with years of hands-on experience in multiple drilling conditions.

Our professional shot firers focus on quality and delivering successful outcomes. Fullbore’s drilling process includes conducting pre-blast inspections and creating a customized blast plan. We use safe and efficient blasting techniques designed to optimise fragmentation, control noise, and vibration.

We offer an integrated drill and blast service managed end-to-end with a full GPS survey and design. Our goal is to simplify site operations for quarry managers, supervisors, and teams. We offer a 6-part system that begins with thorough drilling and blasting analysis and ends with a full blast report.

Our equipment and vehicles are government-approved to protect explosives during storage and transport. We offer personalized explosive transporting solutions for a varying set of clientele.

Fullbore’s team provides the precision, experience, and skills you need to move heavy equipment safely and smoothly. Our fleet can transport roll on, roll off equipment ranging from farm machinery, heavy construction/deconstruction to mining and quarrying equipment. Our end-to-end service is ideal for equipment loads of up to 34 tonnes.

We are customer-focused and leverage international safety best practises to supply explosives and explosive-related services throughout Australia. We’ve been supplying explosives to meet diverse company needs for over 10 years.

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