We are a technologically oriented, customer-focused company providing explosives and explosive related services throughout Australia. We supply explosives for assorted company needs in industries such as construction, mining, quarrying, and industrial minerals.

Fullbore has been providing customers with commercial explosive products and support throughout Australia for over 10 years. All of our drivers are licenced to transport explosives by road and we use industry best practises to ensure your explosives get to your site safely and in excellent condition.


  • Provide the right explosives to suit your requirements
  • Deliver to your work site or magazine on time every time


We delight in doing an excellent job, every time. Our full insurance coverage protects your explosives during storage, transport, and supply. We also perform regular inspections and monitor explosives in transit to avoid any incidents.

Our extensive expertise in explosive technology enables us to supply the industry’s most advanced explosives and solutions. We align our organisation with the growing customer needs to deliver significant downstream value beyond blasting and explosive supply.

Our knowledge, experience, and equipment make us one of the most valued explosives suppliers in the region. We have the skills, equipment, and personnel to deliver explosives such as detonators, packaged, and bulk products for multiple-sized projects with varying requirements and conditions.

Fullbore also provides technical assistance, safety training, shot design and planning, and custom shot loading when needed.

Choose Fullbore Quarry Services if you value:

Safety: We use systematic, safe, quality practices that meet world standards and enable us to handle all drilling and blasting explosives, plus related accessories.

Efficiency: We focus on being the most efficient at what we do, so you can be sure your explosives are safe with us. Fullbore regularly invests in technology and training to offer efficient and safe services every time.

Flexibility: We’re a family-owned and operated business that prides itself on close relationships with customers. This gives us great flexibility to adjust to any project size, site location, and requirements.

Protection: We have full insurance coverage to protect your merchandise and interests.


  • Q. What type of explosives does Fullbore store, transport or supply to customers?

    A. Fullbore stores, transports and supplies all types of bulk, package and initiation explosives for customers.

  • Q. Does Fullbore supply explosives only for its own needs and projects?

    A. Fullbore can supply explosives to other contractor projects for companies not operationally involved in drilling and blasting services.

  • Q. Does Fullbore have its own fleet to transport explosives?

    A. Fullbore operates and maintains a fleet of fully licenced and insured explosive vehicles authorised to transport explosives by road. All our vehicles are GPS monitored and operate to the highest possible transport safety and security standards. We deliver explosive products to remote locations throughout Australia.

  • Q. Is it possible to return surplus explosives to the Fullbore magazine on the blast day?

    A. Yes. However, you need to notify Fullbore in advance so we can organise it. Once blast has been charged, collect all surplus explosives carefully, pack them into their respective carrying cases and return them to the Fullbore magazine.

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