Quarry blasting requires using blasting agents, explosives, primers and detonators. Because of its dangerous nature, there are high risks involved in transporting this kind of cargo which requires appropriate vehicles, equipment and qualified personnel.

Fullbore doesn’t leave anything to chance. We are dedicated to total transport safety and offer a personalised service to all customers. Regardless of the distance and route taken, we remain vigilant to guarantee the highest level of safety when transporting explosives.


No matter what kind of explosives you want to transport, the Fullbore team can get your merchandise to its destination safely, and on time. We are licenced to transport explosives and all of our drivers carry explosive transporting licences.

All our detonators and explosives are stored in separate magazines. When not in use, we keep the magazines safely locked away in safe blasting agent storage facilities.

We also offer specialised, government approved explosive storage facilities to suit various customer needs. The storage facilities are designed to protect explosives from deterioration and keep the explosives safe from unauthorized access. We maintain accurate inventories of all explosive materials and inspect magazines frequently.

Choose Fullbore Quarry Services if you value:

Safety: We do not compromise on safety especially when it comes to explosives and we follow best practice safety workplace protocols on every job.

Efficiency: We care about being the best at what we do, and regularly invest in technology and training for our staff to ensure we offer efficient, world class results every time.

Flexibility: We are big enough to perform yet small enough to care, and we can pivot quickly when you need us to.

Protection: We have full insurance coverage and only offer you experienced and qualified personnel for your project.


  • Q. What type of explosives does Fullbore store, transport or supply to customers?

    A. Fullbore stores, transports and supplies all types of bulk, package and initiation explosives for customers.

  • Q. Does Fullbore supply explosives only for its own needs and projects?

    A. Fullbore can supply explosives to other contractor projects for companies not operationally involved in drilling and blasting services.

  • Q. Does Fullbore have its own fleet to transport explosives?

    A. Fullbore operates and maintains a fleet of fully licenced and insured explosive vehicles authorised to transport explosives by road. All our vehicles are GPS monitored and operate to the highest possible transport safety and security standards. We deliver explosive products to remote locations throughout Australia.

  • Q. Is it possible to return surplus explosives to the Fullbore magazine on the blast day?

    A. Yes. However, you need to notify Fullbore in advance so we can organise it. Once blast has been charged, collect all surplus explosives carefully, pack them into their respective carrying cases and return them to the Fullbore magazine.

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