Fullbore supplies a full suite of Integrated Rock On Ground services, including blast design, drilling and blast pattern, QA boretracking, explosives supply, shot firing, and overall drill & blast operations on site. We pride ourselves on professionalism and offer exceptional service in every project we undertake.

The Fullbore team anticipates customers’ Integrated Rock On Ground needs, then uses blast design software to plan accordingly. We provide the explosives, drill fleet, and personnel to deliver the blasted volumes various operations require.

Fullbore’s Integrated Rock On Ground service typically includes:

  • Blast survey and design
  • Laser profiling and bore tracking
  • GPS Drilling
  • Shot firing services
  • Monitoring and reporting air blasts and ground vibrations
  • Explosive supply, transport, and storage
  • Construction, production and technical blasting (including pre-splitting) depending on project needs

We offer:

  • Highly trained and knowledgeable staff
  • Unrivalled safety procedures and organisation
  • Modern, well-maintained equipment
  • Excellent drilling results, accuracy, and follow up.


Fullbore’s aim is to simplify mining and construction projects for all clients. We leverage global mining, quarry and construction best practises and leading technology to provide a competitive edge over our competitors.

We are drilling and explosive experts with the best equipment and operators to provide safe, accurate, and efficient services. Our Integrated drilling & blasting services are highly efficient and managed end-to-end to cover every stage of your project.

Our consultative approach to the drilling and blasting process guarantees a proven process and systems that have been refined and updated over 40 years. Selecting the Integrated Rock On Ground service means we will manage every step of your drilling and blasting operations, so you have peace of mind.

We provide comprehensive, nationwide expertise, and technical support to cater to all types of sites, large or small.

Choose Fullbore Quarry Services if you value:

Safety: We value safety and follow best practice safety workplace habits on every job.

Efficiency: We are the most efficient at what we do, and regularly invest in the training and technology to offer efficient, best-in-class drill and blast results every time.

Flexibility: We are big enough to perform yet small enough to care, and we can pivot quickly when you need us to.

Protection: We have full insurance coverage and only offer customers qualified and experienced personnel for every project.


  • Q. What does Integrated Rock on Ground Services entail?

    A. Fullbore’s Integrated Rock on Ground service is our end-to-end managed service that covers all aspects of the drill and blast process. As part of this service, we take full responsibility for blast design, drilling pattern, QA boretracking, explosives supply, loading and shot firing, overall blast management and reporting.

  • Q. Do Fullbore customers need to take responsibility for any part of the blasting operation after contracting Fullbore for Rock on Ground services?

    A. No. Fullbore simplifies the process so the customer can focus on the big picture. We manage all drill and blast operations and provide customers with broken stocks to process on time.

  • Q. Does Fullbore engage any subcontractors to assist with Rock on Ground projects?

    A. No. Apart from our suppliers, there are no subcontractors involved in Rock on Ground services. Fullbore provides an entire team of drillers, shotfirers, surveyors and in-house technical engineers to manage the entire Rock on Ground process.

  • Q. Who is responsible for the blast outcome in a Rock on Ground Project?

    A. Fullbore takes full responsibility when handling the Rock on Ground Project. The expected blast outcome is always communicated to the customer in written and verbal communication before the operation commences.

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