Fullbore is a specialist drill and blast company focused on quality, accuracy, efficiency and upholding the highest safety standards. Founded almost 40 years ago, we have a reputation for consistently delivering high-quality drilling and blasting services.

We pride ourselves on professionalism in all aspects of the customer experience. Partnering with Fullbore means creating a competitive edge for your project. We are fast and reliable with a strong focus on helping you maximise output and minimise operating costs.

We guarantee safe and efficient blasting, predictable results, and excellent outcomes. Our blasts are designed to optimise fragmentation, diggability, control noise and vibrations while complying with strict environmental controls.

With Fullbore, you’re assured of:

  • Unrivalled safety procedures
  • Modern and well-maintained equipment
  • Well-trained and knowledgeable staff

Our blasting services include:

  • Blast design and survey
  • Production blasting
  • Construction blasting
  • Technical blasting (including pre-splitting)


Our primary focus is on ensuring customers’ drill and blast related mining, quarrying and construction problems are handled exceptionally well and our clients are thrilled with the outcome. Our blast planning and control procedures, safety precautions, and review techniques guarantee an excellent job.

Before blasting, Fullbore carries out pre-blast inspections or surveys to identify and document your property’s existing conditions. We also determine any sensitive structures or building components. We will use your site conditions and inspection information to design a blast plan that preserves your property.

Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to be efficient and guarantees high standards of safety on site. We also perform regular inspections and monitor the project throughout. Our team engages with you at all levels to ensure we’re providing cost-effective solutions to the blasting services you need.

Choose Fullbore Drill & Blast if you value:

  • Safety: We don’t compromise on safety and follow best practice safety workplace habits on every job.
  • Efficiency: We care about being the most efficient at what we do, and regularly invest in technology and training to ensure we offer efficient, best-in-class results every time.
  • Flexibility: We’re family-owned, which gives us great flexibility for your diverse needs.
  • Protection: We have full and comprehensive insurance coverage.


  • Q. How does Fullbore manage safety during blasting and ensure an incident-free operation?

    A. Safety is Fullbore’s number one priority. We always abide by the minimum government safety rules to guarantee a high level of blasting safety. Fullbore has voluntarily taken steps to develop, implement and enforce multiple internal blasting safety policies, procedures and practices. This prevents any blasting related incident or accident that may cause harm to people, damage to property or the environment.

  • Q. What Type of technical blasting services does Fullbore provide?

    A. Some of the technical blasting services we provide include blast survey and design, drilling, boretracking, special blasting technical evaluation, environmental monitoring, blast risk assessment, and blast management plans.

  • Q. Why is a safe and efficient blasting operation necessary in mining, quarrying and construction?

    A. Blasting is the most efficient way to fracture rock to be excavated by earth moving equipment. Drilling and blasting are essential components of most mining, quarrying and construction operations. These are the primary processes that impact every downstream unit of operation. A safe and efficient operation saves time and prevents property damage, harm to people and the environment.

  • Q. How long does Fullbore take to respond to a blasting service inquiry?

    A. The Fullbore management team responds to any inquiries within 24 hours. Immediately after the initial meeting, we schedule a site visit to discuss the project requirements in detail. Depending on the project’s complexity, we will prepare a quotation within 48 hours.

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