Fullbore takes a unique approach to the drilling and blasting process–giving it the time, attention, and technology it deserves. We offer the best industry expertise. Our drill rig operators have years of hands-on experience and are knowledgeable on a variety of drilling conditions.

Each of our drillers has Certification II or III in Drilling Operations, First Aid Training, and construction white cards.

We provide drilling services for various construction clients, mines, and quarries. Our focus is entirely on drilling accuracy, and our services include:

  • Contract drilling
  • Laser profiling / bore tracking
  • Monitoring air blast and ground vibrations

We guarantee:

  • Extreme professionalism throughout the project
  • Excellent drilling results, accuracy, and follow up
  • Unrivalled safety procedures
  • Quality control – all front holes are audited by the blast contractor


We take great satisfaction in solving customer problems, doing an excellent job, and seeing our clients thrilled with the outcome. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to offer the best in safety and efficiency.

Our reputation for delivering high-quality, accurate drilling is second to none. We have consistently achieved a 96% accuracy score (on average). We’re driven to get the job done on time and on target.

We engage with you at all levels to ensure we’re providing cost-effective solutions to the services you need.

Choose Fullbore Quarry Services if you value:

  • Safety: We don’t compromise on safety and follow best practice safety workplace habits on every job.
  • Efficiency: We care about being the most efficient at what we do, and regularly invest in technology and training to ensure we offer efficient, best-in-class results every time.
  • Flexibility: We are big enough to perform yet small enough to care and we can pivot quickly when you need us to.
  • Protection: We have full insurance coverage and only offer you experienced and qualified personnel for your project.


  • Q. What makes Fullbore drilling services stand out?

    A. Fullbore’s drill availability is at 84% which is in line with the industry’s best practice. We use the latest technology in the market to provide creative drilling and blasting solutions to customers. Since 2016, we’ve utilised the GPS hole navigation system (HNS) which gives our drill rigs the most accurate way to achieve optimum results for your project.

  • Q. Why is drilling accuracy Fullbore’s most important aspect of drilling service quality?

    A. Accuracy in borehole placement, depth, diameter, and alignment allows drillers to place a specific explosive charge in specific locations, to achieve optimum results. Good drilling practices require accurate layout and drilling of blast holes. Drilling accuracy optimises production at all stages and reduces cost. It also increases the effectiveness of a blast.

  • Q. How do Fullbore drillers convey borehole information to the blast crews?

    A. All Fullbore drillers communicate clearly using digitised drill logs and GPS data. This accurately conveys the necessary information to the blasting crew and site supervision management.

  • Q. What minimum information do drillers record in the Drill Log?

    A. Recording information ensures transparency and helps identify any inconsistencies during the blasting and drilling process. The minimum requirements for a drill log record include driller name, date drilled, bit diameter, pattern dimension, hole ID, hole depth, and hole angle.

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